HomePod owners rejoice: Spotify plans to support AirPlay 2 on its iOS app after all

(Image credit: Spotify)

Own a HomePod Mini and a Spotify Premium account? You may have been more than a little disappointed to see recent forum posts from Spotify stating that the ever-popular streaming service won't be able to support AirPlay 2 on iOS any time soon. Happily, it seems that those statements were somewhat, er, premature.

Following reports from Endgadget and iMore concerning Spotify's apparent about-turn on offering AirPlay 2 support for iOS, dated 5th August, a Spotify moderator took to its community forum to post this statement yesterday:  

Hello everyone,

We apologize for any confusion we have caused. To clarify, Spotify will support Airplay 2. Please continue to use this thread to add your votes and comments.

We’ll post updates when they become available. 

The streaming giant has not specified when we might expect AirPlay 2 support, so for now we will have to wait for those updates. 

Two days earlier, the same representative for Spotify had posted that AirPlay 2 wasn't currently practical, stating: "We've discussed this Idea internally and while we are working on supporting AirPlay 2 in a proper way, we have decided to close it for now. The reason for this is that due to audio driver compatibility issues, this seems like a bigger project that we won't be able to complete in the foreseeable future." 

A prompt delivery of AirPlay 2 support for iOS, even after Spotify's follow-up statement, seems unlikely. That being said, the statement should give Apple HomePod Mini owners (and users of other devices that support Apple's tech but have either limited or non-existent integration with Spotify) some hope.


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