Heed Audio's Elixir amplifier is targeted at hi-fi beginners

The Elixir integrated amplifier has five inputs including a built-in MM phono stage and a dedicated Class A headphone amplifier. The capacitor-coupling principle found in Heed Audio’s TransCap amps, the Obelisk SI for instance, has been used in the Elixir, and as a result delivers a “similar sound quality and power output”.

The integrated amp delivers 50 watts per channel into 8 ohms or 65W into 4 ohms - plenty, claims Heed, to drive any speaker the listener chooses.

Alongside the four RCA line inputs, RCA MM phono input and two pairs of 4mm speaker connectors, users will find a pair of pre-amp outputs. Heed says the Elixir has been designed for simplicity for the hi-fi beginner, but can be used as part of a wider system as required.

Alpar Huszti, Heed Audio’s marketing and sales manager, says the Elixir is “the perfect amp to kick start the new range that is specifically targeted at those new to the world of hi-fi.

The Heed Audio Elixir is available now in black or silver for £750.

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