Google TV finally supports multiple user profiles

Google TV finally supports multiple user profiles
(Image credit: Google)

The Google TV operating system has finally added multiple user profiles. That means every member of the household can be served recommendations based on their individual viewing history, and not have them polluted by each other's viewing habits.

The feature was announced back in October 2021. Then in December, Google said the rollout would be delayed.

Google did add kids' profiles over a year ago, so it's puzzling why separate user profiles has taken so long to arrive. Most other TV platforms already offer user profiles.

To see the feature, you may have to reboot or reinstall the Google TV app. You should then have the option of adding more Google accounts.

Once you have, you can set about personalising the experience with watchlists and recommendations based on your viewing history.

Google TV is the successor to Android TV. It was initially only available on the Google Chromecast with Google TV streaming dongle, but has since come to TVs from major manufacturers such as Sony.


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