Google rebrands Chromecast Built-In – could this be the setup for a new 4K streamer?

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Google is clearing up some Chromecast confusion by rebranding Chromecast Built-in. 

Specifically, Google Cast is making a comeback after almost eight years, with the new (or should we say old) naming convention being quietly introduced earlier this month. The new branding applies to the feature across all categories including TVs, AVRs, soundbars, smartphones, tablets and media streamers.

Cast was originally rebranded to Chromecast Built-In back in 2016, however, Google has reverted the change as of its 2024 I/O developer conference event.

It seems like a logical move as Google's Chromecast branding can be tricky to interpret at times. Its streaming hardware uses the Chromecast branding – take the clunkily titled Google Chromecast with Google TV for example – while the wireless connectivity platform is called Chromecast Built-In, which sounds a bit too similar for our liking. Google Cast feels more succinct and highlights the function of this feature much more clearly in our humble opinion. 

As 9to5 Google points out, we shouldn't expect to see any change in functionality to products that currently include Chromecast Built-In, but you should be able to spot the branding on the packaging of upcoming products. 

More importantly, this rebrand could be laying the foundations for a new 4K media streamer from Google. The aforementioned Chromecast with Google TV launched in 2020, so we're of the opinion that an updated model is sorely needed. While the current offering has earned multiple What Hi-Fi? Awards, we're always striving for the ultimate picture and sound performance, so improvements can be made. 

There are also new features springing up on Google TV streamers such as the Magic Button (first seen on a Walmart 4K streamer of all places) that are absent on Google's own model. It would make sense to bring the Chromecast up to speed with the new Google Cast branding and Magic Button feature. This could be wishful thinking – but we'll remain optimistic for now. 


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