Goldring unveils versatile Eroica HX moving coil cartridge

Goldring unveils versatile Eroica HX moving coil cartridge
(Image credit: Goldring)

Want to make the switch from a moving magnet cartridge to a moving coil design but don't have access to a moving coil phono input? Goldring's Eroica HX aims to make the move easier.

The British firm's newest creation is designed to fit "virtually any" tonearm and promises to work "straight from the box". And the best part is you won't have to rejig your system – ultra-fine enamelled-copper windings mean the Eroica HX has enough output to work with moving magnet phono inputs.

Elsewhere, Goldring claims the new pure-iron cross-armature design reduces crosstalk, and that the Gyger II diamond stylus – a whole diamond rather than just a diamond tip – will minimise any pesky inner groove distortion.

Goldring Eroica HX

(Image credit: Goldring)

As for the case, it's made from Pocan, a glass-reinforced plastic material that’s high in rigidity and designed to last. 

The Eroica HX will make its debut at the High End Munich 2022 show later this month, before going on sale at Goldring UK and Goldring USA for £549 / $899 (around AU$1000) in June.


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