Goldmund Telos 800 stereo power amp aims for mono-pair performance

Goldmund Telos 800 top view on a white background
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We’d love to know what Goldmund’s engineers have for breakfast. The Swiss high-end hi-fi brand has been pumping out all manner of amplifiers and active speakers in recent months, and the conveyor belt of new products continues to travel.

Goldmund’s latest release is its only (and therefore its flagship) stereo power amplifier, the Telos 800, which comes hot on the heels of the recently announced Telos 690 integrated, Mimesis Signature preamp and Telos 2800 mono amp.

The Telos 800 is a pretty powerful beast, delivering 300 watts (RMS) per channel on eight ohms, or 390 watts on four ohms. Its 3200VA toroidal power transformer and large capacitor bank (93,600 μF) promise a steady power supply and high-quality performance that Golmund says rivals that of two mono power amps. A distortion rate of “less than 0.05 per cent” (across IMD and THD+N measurements) is an impressive claim indeed, as is an output noise floor “below 3 μV”.

As for connectivity, in addition to four binding posts and two Goldmund speaker 4B type connectors are two analogue RCA and XLR inputs a piece and a digital RCA input and output.

Goldmund also endorses its efficient power consumption and, naturally, points you to its Mimesis Signature as the Telos 800’s natural preamp partner, with its Tethys loudspeakers at the helm if you're going all in on Goldmund. 

We were certainly impressed by Goldmund’s considerably more modest (yet still £44,000/$59,000/AU$80,000!) Mimesis 37S NextGen/Telos 300 pre/power amp pairing last year, noting that its transparency and resolution levels were “right up there with the best we’ve heard”. It’s safe to say, then, that we expect an even more monumental display from the next Telos 800, which alone costs £66,500, or 75.000 CHF (excl VAT) in its homeland.

Anyone familiar with the brand won’t be surprised to see its iconic silver-grey finish adorn the Telos 800, though a black version is available on demand. And for a bespoke touch, the silver-grey ring on the top left of the front chassis can be replaced with a gold one. Swish.


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