Fyne Audio demos flagship F1-12 and F703 floorstanders in Munich

Fyne Audio debuts flagship F1-12 and F703 floorstanders in Munich

First spotted in near-production form at the Bristol Hi-Fi Show in February, Fyne Audio's imminent flagship F1-12 (from €27,250) and F703 (€8999) are in action here in Munich.

The former follows on from the brand’s F1-10, which made its debut last year, expanding the size of the proprietary IsoFlare point source driver (which boasts isotropic qualities to improve stereo imaging) from 10in to 12in. Nested inside is a 3in titanium alloy dome tweeter.

They feature Fyne’s FyneFlute surround, designed to minimise cone energy, and the crossover has been cryogenically treated in an effort to optimise signal transparency. Behind it all is a neodymium magnet system.

Both the handmade birch-ply cabinet and aluminium plinth have been enlarged over the F1-10, with Fyne’s largest version of its patent-pending BassTrax Tactrix Diffuser system working to evenly distribute sound dispersing waves in a room and thus make it less fussy with room positioning.

The €8999 F703s - also due to start shipping in the coming weeks - are too receiving their demo debut in Munich this week. They're the second model in the next-tier-down F700 Series following the launch of the F702 in November, also sporting an IsoFlare point source driver (in 10in form this time) with a fibre composite mid/bass cone, 3in titanium dome tweeter and ferrite magnet system. Below is a second 10in fibre composite mid/bass driver.

Fyne will launch more models in the F700 series later in 2019. 

The Scottish speaker brand also confirmed that the F502 SP - introduced in prototype form at the Bristol Show 'to test the waters' - will indeed be a go-er, with a release set for August. As we noted in February, the F502 SP (the 'SP' stands for 'Special Production') combines the drivers and technologies of the F702 (£5999) with the cabinet of the F502 (£1599), bridging the gap between those two models in the company's line-up.

It's a big year for Fyne Audio, then...


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