The SK-Filter is the latest addition to Furutech’s range of static charge eliminators and promises to discharge any static electricity generated by your records to improve sound quality.

If you’re an avid vinyl enthusiast you’re probably aware that as your records spin they generate a static charge, which affects sound quality. There are a few methods of getting rid of it, such as an anti-static gun or certain microfibre cloths, but Japanese audio brand Furutech believes its new product is the ideal solution.

The SK-Filter claims to remove unwanted static charge while the record is playing. It uses a patented material called Thunderon, which sees a very fine acrylic fibre chemically bonded with copper sulphide. Furutech says the resulting conductive filament can discharge static electricity in the air whenever it comes into contact with it. 

The SK-Filter doesn’t need to touch the record to work, it sits a couple of millimetres above the record surface and is supported by an adjustable stand. 

The Furutech SK-Filter is available now for £350.

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Static Problem

As an "avid vinyl enthusiast" for over 50 years I am well aware that static has never been a problem affecting the quality of sound of vinyl playback and on past experience expensive gimmicks to eliminate it have always proven to be a complete waste of money.

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How much?

£350, is that a misprint? 

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We had things like that back

We had things like that back in the 70s, probably before.

And they sure as Sherlock didn't cost 350 quid!

It was an arm, with a felt pad, that you stuck to your turntable plinth.  It incorporated a brush to catch fluff too.

Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose....

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PS to properly discharge

PS to properly discharge static electricity the thing needs to be electrically connected to the earth.  Just saying....

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Hire a flunky to gently blow on your records as they rotate at 33 and a 1/3 revolutions per minute...oh, wait; digitize your music and say good bye to this nonsense for ever.


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Furutech are the kings of making wildly over-priced,pointless,ineffective or useless components but no doubt the obsessives out there with more money than sense will love this !!

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Not the problem that needs to be addressed

It's entirely possible to make a [near] real-time pop/click eliminator for LPs that function in the digital domain. The surface noise problems with LPs tend to be pressed right into the vinyl, static discharge devices don't address the real issue. But the real-world solution requires digitizing the signal from the record spinner. And for purists, that's a no-go. Even if the LP is sourced from a digital file, as most of today's LP's are. Beyond that, the other real issue with defective vinyl are off-center LPs. Not too much that can be done about that. Time to face reality—there are inherent flaws in LP reproduction. The built-in flaws of digital recording and reproduction go away over time, the flaws of LP reproduction don't.