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Freeview EPG revamp makes room for 100 new channels

Freeview TV

A revamp of the Freeview EPG next month aims to make the interface easier to use and allow for the addition of new channels.

An update, due to go live on September 19th, will see some channels given new numbers while space for up to 100 new channels will be created.

Freeview platform manager DMOL has finalised plans for the reorganisation after a consultation period, which began in March.

As well as improving navigation, room will be made for new local channels and HD channels.

HD services will be allocated 20 slots from channel 101, doubling the 10 spaces which are currently available from 50-59.

There will also be a dedicated section for the development of internet TV channels.

Some Freeview TVs and set-top boxes will automatically update with the new EPG, while others will prompt users to manually retune them from September 19th.

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