Flying Mole Cascade
Flying Mole's Cascade stereo digital amps are designed for custom installation, and can deliver up to 16 channels at 160w each

It may look like an industrial kit rack, but what we have here is the Flying Mole Cascade modular digital amplification system.

It's designed for custom installation, and the modular racking system can accommodate up to eight stereo amp modules, giving a total of 16 channels delivering 160w each.

Each amp module is available with either RCA phono sockets or balanced XLR connectors, and there's a separate gain control for each channel, for fine-tuning of system levels.

Flying Mole claims the digital amps consume one sixth of the power of an analogue amp, so they are compact, run cool and can easily be mounted in a cupboard.

The PM-164d HT amps cost £730 each, and the DPA-M1600 chassis is the same. Both are available in the UK from The Multi-Room Company, based in Cheltenham.

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