If you're after a smart-looking AV-themed wallpaper for your computer or iPad, then you're in luck, as we have a selection of exclusive images from the What Hi-Fi? archive

Introducing What Hi-Fi? wallpapers! We're proud of the fact our thousands of reviews feature our own in-house photography, lovingly shot (most of the time) for use in the magazine and here on whathifi.com.

And while a budget Blu-ray player might not be the most photogenic of subjects (though we do our best), we do see some pretty amazing shots courtesy, normally, of the more high-end products, which tend to get our photographer's creative juices flowing a little more readily.

We thought it right to show the best pictures a little more love and give you the chance to have a more lasting version to do with as you see fit (we suggest using it as a Mac/PC or iPad background, ideally).

So here are the first four high-res What Hi-Fi? wallpapers for use on desktop or iPad. Free to download, and formatted to fit the average computer screen. We will be releasing new images every month so let us know which products you'd like to see featured next in the comments below...

The first four feature the Audeze LCD-3 headphones, Burmester 077 preamp, Burmester 911 Mk III monoblocs and the McIntosh C2500 amp. Just click on the links below each low-res preview image to download the full-size, high-res version.

Audeze LCD-3 wallpaper