Elipson, Tangent and Eltax launch budget Atmos speakers

Dolby Atmos add-on modules have been a Godsend for those who want Atmos surround sound but don’t want to punch holes in their ceiling to accommodate in-ceiling speaker installations.

Designed to sit atop an existing speaker, they fire sound upwards to the ceiling so it is reflected to your listening position to create a sense of overhead sound.

We’ve seen some add-on modules from the likes of KEF and Jamo - and now three brands from French manufacturer and distributor AV Industry have entered the market, each clutching a Dolby-certified add-on module.

The Elipson Prestige Facet 6ATM ATMOS (pictured top) are designed to deliver Dolby Atmos surround sound to owners of the brand’s Prestige Facet speakers.

Housed within a sealed enclosure with an angled baffle, the speakers feature a 2.5cm soft dome tweeter above a 14cm mid/bass driver with bullet-shaped centre phase plug to reduce resonance and distortion, and a silicone surround ring to limit diffraction. The Prestige Facet 6ATM ATMOS are priced at £349 per pair.

The Tangent Spectrum XATM (£249 per pair, pictured above), meanwhile, is an Atmos extension for the Spectrum X5 and X6 floorstanders. Available in either satin white or black (the same finishes as the floorstanders), it utilises a coaxial driver, with a 2cm tweeter inside a 13cm mid/bass driver.

The Eltax Monitor Atmos also uses a similar coaxial driver arrangement, is available in black, and is priced at £149 per pair.


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