Elipson launches Reference Series modular P1 pre-amplifier and matching power amp

Elipson launches Reference Series hi-fi comprising modular P1 pre-amp and matching A2700 power amp
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French hi-fi maker Elipson has officially launched its brand new Reference Series pre and power amplifiers.

Unveiled at last month's High-End Munich show, the Reference Series P1 Pre-amplifier and A2700 Power amplifier are available to buy now. The standalone units are designed to be paired, and said to be "jam-packed" with tech.

The P1 boasts a "completely balanced design" and features a bespoke power supply to run the OLED display, switching relays and microcontroller. The result is claimed to be minimal noise and "the highest levels of music playback".

The 'modular' design means it can be easily upgraded, too. Buyers can snag the standard, all-analogue P1 for £1899 then splash out on a separate EES Sabre DAC with USB for £699, or an MM/MC phono stage for £499, at a later date.

Want to go the whole hog right away? The P1F comes fully-loaded with the DAC and phono stage for £2,799. Decisions, decisions...

The matching A2700 power amplifier is designed to integrate "seamlessly" with the P1 and has a similar emphasis on reducing noise. The Class D amp outputs 400W over 8 ohms (stereo) and 1400W under 8 ohms (mono), so it shouldn't have any trouble driving the majority of the best speakers

The A2700 also features proprietary cooling tech that prevents "thermal runaway" (an excessive heat cycle). The end result is said to be "stunning control", and a level of finesse that compares to a live concert.

Tempted by this French duo? The A2700 is available now from Buckinghamshire hi-fi distributor Avoke Marlow for £2999. All models come in anthracite grey. 


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