Eclipse TD508II-UD desktop speaker system designed specially for the UK

Buy the full Eclipse TD508II-UD desktop speaker system – stereo speakers and separate TDA501II amp – as a package and you'll save £140 on the price of the components if bought separately. It's currently available at a special promotional price of £679.99.

The TD508II-UD system is big brother to the £400 Eclipse TD307PAII, and has been designed specifically for the UK market.

According to its maker, the TD508II-UD has "a larger scale presentation and better bass at lower volume levels, as well as a more dynamic and solid soundstage" than its smaller sibling.

The speakers are based on the same design as the £5000 Eclipse TD712zMK2 near-field monitors, and the accompanying TDA501II amplifier has phono inputs and gold-plated speaker terminals.

The design is optimised for "purity, speed and clarity", says Eclipse.

Available in black, white or silver, the TD508II-UD can be used as an "audiophile" upgrade to a Mac or PC or as a stereo hi-fi system in a small room.

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