Dial W for Wood: new range of Klipsch Icon speakers

Klipsch WF-35

And while they certainly look fairly smart, we're not entirely convinced how small they are – despite Klipsch's protestations to the contrary.

According to Mark Casavant, vice president of product development for Klipsch, “Icon Wood is intended for consumers who buy with both their eyes and ears". But are said consumers really a new addition to the market?

However, with US manufacturers traditionally favouring large boxes to produce big sounds, the Icon W speakers are comparatively easy on the eye.

At the heart of the new speakers' design is the XT Tractrix Horn. This alters the surface geometry of the speaker with four “bumps” that are shaped like flower petals that aim to aid sound dispersal.

There are five models in the Icon Wood Series: the WF-35, £1198/pr, and WF-34, £1058/pr, floorstanding speakers, the WB-14, £479/pr, bookshelf speaker, the WC-24, £429, centre channel and the WS-24, £598/pr, surround speaker.

The WF-35 and WF-34 floorstanders each employ three high-output woven fibreglass cone woofers—5.25 inches and 4.5 inches respectively – and a 25mm titanium tweeter mated to an 80-degree by 80-degree round XT Horn.

The WB-14 bookshelf uses one 4.5in fiberglass cone woofer, while the WC-24 center channel and WS-24 surround have two. Both speakers can also be wall-mounted.

All of these models utilise 1in titanium diaphragm compression drivers mated to 80-degree by 80-degree round XT Horns.

Klipsch has built three home cinema systems using the new speakers and the XW-300d and XW-500d subwoofers: the WB-14, £1999, the WB-34, £2699, and the WB-35 (pictured), yours for £3049.

The speakers will be available from selected dealers and online – see the Klipsch website for more information.