Devialet announces major firmware update, revised model numbers

Devialet, the French hi-fi specialist, has announced the release of new firmware for its range of innovative digital hybrid ampifiers.

Firmware v7.1 brings some major changes including increased power outputs across the Devialet range.

And with these increases comes a change in model numbers. The Devialet 110 is now the 120, thanks to a 10W power increase, the Devialet 170 becomes the 200, while the 240 and 500 are now named the 250 and 800 respectively.

Together with the power hikes, Devialet's latest firmware also introduces its new SAM (Speaker Active Matching) technology.

SAM uses special processing to enable the Devialet components to match themselves to any pair of passive speakers - there's support for 12 models at launch with Devialet looking at reaching 200 in the not-too-distant future.

If you'd like Devialet to enable the processing to match a particular pair of speakers you can vote on Devialet's website.

Pricing remains the same for all the new models, and Devialet Air wifi music streaming now comes as standard (this used to be a £1000 option).

The best part of all this? In keeping with Devialet's "free upgrades for life" policy, the firmware update won't cost existing owners a penny.

by Andy Madden

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Andy Madden

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