Denon 710AEs
New midrange CD player and amplifier the result of extensive European tuning

Following the entry-level Advanced Evolution hi-fi components launched earlier this year, Denon has now added midrange models to its stereo line-up, in the form of the DCD-710AECD player and PMA-710AE amplifier.

Selling for £350 apiece, the new models combine proprietary Denon technology and extensive European tuning.

The player uses the company's AL24 Processing analogue waveform recreation technology, and high-accuracy DACs and master clock. It also has a USB input for digital input from an iPod or USB memory stick.

The amplifier has a High-Current Single Push-Pull Circuit, a high-power circuit layout and an internal construction designed to keep unwanted vibrations away from the audio signals.

It delivers 50W per channel, has a moving magnet phono stage and provides preouts to enable it to be used with an external power amp.

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Both products are available in silver or black.


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