Could Apple buy Netflix?

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Apple’s third-quarter results for the fiscal year 2022 reveal record-breaking profits for the tech giant, and with no sign of slowing down, you have to wonder what's next for Apple?

During the earnings call, CEO Tim Cook said that the company wouldn’t rule out acquiring other businesses to integrate with its thriving ecosystem. Cook stated that the company is constantly surveying the market, but that Apple will never just “buy to buy”. Instead, he reaffirmed that Apple’s investments must make sense in terms of long-term growth.

This is where the wounded Netflix comes limping in – with recent talks of acquisitions fueling speculation, could Apple be eyeing up the streaming giant? This is what some market analysts believe, saying that Apple should jump on these struggling businesses and integrate them with their own systems.

Integrating Netflix also aligns with Apple’s streaming push, with their own Apple TV+ service featuring only exclusive content, could this be a way to introduce third-party movies and shows, as well as a way to bulk out the content library with Netflix Originals?

Netflix is currently seeing its first loss in revenue in a decade due to a number of factors, including password sharing, pulling out of Russia and expensive projects made by the service that aren't yielding returns. With Apple’s apparently having the highest quality content on its streaming service for the money, Apple could be in a prime position to reinvigorate the brand. However, with Cook playing coy about what we can expect from future Apple acquisitions, only time will tell...


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