Apple TV+ apparently has better content than other streaming services

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Apple TV+ has taken the streaming crown for the second year when it comes to programming quality. A US study by Self Financial that utilises data taken from IMDb review scores has found that Apple TV+ has the highest average review scores for its streaming library. 

While the streaming service is often criticised for having a relatively small content library consisting only of original shows and movies, this study has found that in the case of Apple TV+, quality trumps quantity as it’s average IMDb review score is 7.08. In comparison, Disney+ has an average of 6.71, while Netflix and Prime Video both sit at 6.62.

Apple TV+ saw the highest ratings in family friendly content at 7.34, and a massive improvement in the drama category with its average rating increasing from 3.9 in 2021, to 7.34 in 2022. The service also features the highest ratings in action, adventure and war programming, despite only having 15 titles in each category.

This means that Apple TV+ has beaten the likes of Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and HBO Max, who all feature third-party content on their services. Apple’s strategy of focusing on their own, high quality content seems to be paying off then, with the likes of Ted Lasso and The Morning Show being standout examples of well received original content. 

It's not just the original series that can be attributed to Apple TV’s high ratings, with CODA being Apple’s first Best Picture winning film at the 2022 Oscars, once again beating out rival services that have been on the scene for much longer. With all of this in mind, the study suggests that Apple TV+ is the best value for money when it comes to quality content. Could Apple be the dark horse in the streaming wars? 


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Lewis Empson
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  • Tinman1952
    Absolute rubbish. Just shows that an 'average' score means nothing. I have had Apple TV+ since the start and have watched about 6 programs...... There is way too little content to even come close to Netflix, Prime Video or Disney+ .
  • freddyg
    Nonsense. Limited content plus additional payment required for many items. Tried it for a year and cancelled earlier this week.

    Nowhere near close to the competition.
  • djh1697
    It is a deceptive headline, since the survey is USA based, not a UK survey. I can see Apple TV appealing to US audiences, but it certainly does not appeal to me!
  • doifeellucky
    For All Mankind is incredible. The best sci-fi since BSG in my opinion. Severance has potential, based on one episode, but I can’t think of anything else. Binge for a month then cancel.
  • lacuna
    I had a 3 month free trial but the only thing I could find that appealed to me was Greyhound, which was pretty good.