Could a new Google Chromecast TV streamer be in the works?

Google Chromecast with Google TV
(Image credit: Google)

One of the best media streamers could be about to get even better, because it looks like Google is gearing up to launch a new Chromecast. 

Earlier this week, a new Google gadget billed as a "Wireless Streaming Device" appeared before the FCC for approval. And if the rumours circulating online are anything to go by, model number GJQ9T is a new Chromecast.

The mysterious new device seems to feature wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity, along with a USB connection for 5V charging, all of which points to a new Chromecast TV streamer of some sort (possibly a replacement for the ageing Chromecast Ultra).

The FCC filing also suggests that the physical FCC ID will be positioned on the back of the device, meaning it's less likely that GJQ9T will sport a display. Again, that seems to be consistent with a new Chromecast streaming dongle.

So, the evidence is piling up. But it's still early days, and nothing's set in stone. 

Last year's Chromecast also made its way to the FCC in August. However, this device was listed as an "Interactive Media Streaming Device" not a Wireless Streaming Device, leading some to question whether GJQ9T is a 2021 Chromecast, or in fact a Nest security camera.

Hopefully we don't have to wait long to find out what Google has up its sleeve – there's talk of any potential new Chromecast launching alongside the upcoming Pixel 6 smartphone at an event in September. 

The current Google Chromecast with Google TV is one of the best streamers around, earning five stars in our review. But it's up against some stiff competition from Amazon's Fire TV streamers and the new Apple TV 4K.


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