Chord’s Poly music streamer gets Gofigure set-up app

Anyone who’s used a music streamer will tell you usability is half the experience, with the companion app often making or breaking products.

As much as we liked the Chord Poly for its class-leading sound and portable form, the absence of a dedicated app did mean we found set-up fairly long-winded.

Now, six months after the launch of the Poly, its official Gofigure app is available - better late than never!

The app allows Poly owners to navigate through the streamer’s main configuration options and enable Roon operation. There's also a software wizard for configuring your Poly to your wi-fi network. The interface can also display information such as current connected network, SD card capacity, play modes, and charging and battery status.

It isn’t intended for streaming use, though, so owners will still have to rely on third-party DLNA apps for playing networked audio. The app does however support QuickPlay, enabling direct playback of playlists on MicroSD cards via Poly’s built-in card-reader.

The Gofigure app is currently only available to iOS users (supposedly the ‘dominant platform among existing Poly customers’), with iOS 11 or higher recommended. An Android version is said to be in development.

Getting the app up and running will also require the latest firmware (1.0.26), which will automatically initiate as soon as your Poly is connected to a wireless network. Go forth and Gofigure...


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