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Chord Company’s ChordOhmic fluid promises improved cable signal transfer

Chord Company’s ChordOhmic fluid promises improved cable signal transfer
(Image credit: Chord Company)

Chord Company has spent four years developing its ChordOhmic Transmission Fluid, and now, 500 prototypes later, it’s here. The liquid polymer has been designed to maximise the surface area of a variety of plug connections to improve their transfer of music signals.

How? By deploying polymers to fill gaps and imperfections on the surfaces of connections, whether that be a speaker or power cable connection or an interconnect cable plug, creating a greater contact area that lowers that contact’s resistance and thus allows more current (the signal) to flow. As a result, the effectiveness of the connection is improved.

Chord Company says its ChordOhmic Transmission Fluid, which was developed by an acclaimed industrial chemist and Andante Largo in Japan, stands out from other enhancing products as it works at a low voltage threshold. Apparently, the original test cables that were treated four years ago by Chord are still “significantly outperforming” the untreated versions built at the same time.

The solution is available now, priced £200 for a 10ml bottle.


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