CES NEWS: Microvision aims to turn your phone into a projector!

So you've got your movies and digital pictures stored on your mobile phone, iPod or MP4 player - how do you go about sharing them with your friends and family, other than huddling round a 2in screen?

Microvision thinks it has the answer in the form of its PicoP projector technology, and at next week's US Consumer Electronics Show it will demonstrate working prototypes of the unit, which is said to be about the size of a PDA, yet capable of throwing a 2.5m image.

And the company says it can go further, embedding the projector directly into phones and players.

The Redmond, Washington, based company will demonstrate its handheld 'plug and play' projector at the show, being held in Las Vegas at the beginning of next week, and will then make samples of the product, codenamed Show, available to interested manufacturers for assessment.

The unit delivers a widescreen WVGA image, 848x480 pixels, and is said to have a battery life 0f 2.5 hours - enough for an entire movie. But the company is also emphasising that the PicoP display engine (below) at the heart of the prototype is just 7mm thick, and thus lends itself to integration into devices such as mobile phones and portable video players. With this in mind, the company will also be exhibiting at the 3GSM conference in Barcelona in February, where the mobile phone industry meets.

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