CES NEWS: Lyngdorf expands room correction to eight channels – and adds digital-link amplifier

Danish company Lyngdorf Audio is launching a new digital home cinema processor, complete with eight-channel RoomPerfect correction, at next week's Consumer Electronics Show.

The D-1 uses no analogue-to-digital or digital-to-analogue conversion anywhere in the signal path, and this can be carried all the way through to the speaker outputs by using the company's TDA-2300 power amps, also due to debut at the show, and Lyngdorf Link connection.

The company says this is the first multichannel processor where all the signal handling is in the digital domain, describing it as 'a direct, seamless transmission line for pure, undistorted sound.'

In addition, the processor has a number of innovative technologies beyond the all-digital design and the RoomPerfect system, which carries out mapping and calculation of the complete soundfield in a room, then applies relevant correction.

These include:

  • An eight-channel two-way crossover allowing the use of a full 7+7.1-channel system, using 15 or more speakers, or separate control of each channel in biamplified systems.
  • Simple one-button user interface for set-up and calibration, with predefined settings from 2.0 to 7+7.1 speaker arrays, and automatic set-up of individual speaker level and delay.
  • 'THX Blackbird' for automatic content-dependent configuration of parameters such as surround format, post-processing modes and reference levels.
  • Encrypted Lyngdorf Link digital connection via a single cable, allowing the transfer of a full-resolution digital audio signal to power amplifiers.
  • Optional analogue output modules, for use with conventional amplification.

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