CES 2009: Monster takes music on Blu-ray Disc to Ludacris heights

ludacris monster

These are designed to "provide listeners with an elevated surround sound experience, designed to maximise the capabilities of 5.1 home theater systems and bring out all the excitement of great audio and great audio equipment".

Lee says that "Part of our mission at Monster is to help consumers embrace the latest ‘higher definition' video and music formats.

"By offering this terrific new album in Blu-ray with exclusive added footage and videos, we hope to reach a whole new audience with the message that, with Blu-ray video and HDS surround sound audio, brand new worlds of enjoyment are opened up for both music and video.”

Both versions will come complete with an audio-only CD of the album, while video content will include both music videos and behind-the-scenes footage. On the Blu-ray Disc this will be in 1080p Full HD.