Demonstrations will include new products, and advice on making the most of streamed music

Monmouth-based retailer Ceritech Audio is having an open day next Thursday, November 25 – and will be featuring products from MOON and Totem Acoustic.

Among the new MOON products on display will be the new 100D DAC, 350P/400M pre/power amps and the new Evolution Series CD transport, DAC and amplification. Totem Acoustic's speakers will also be on demonstration, including the company's flagship Wind Design model.

As well as playing CDs, the company will also be demonstrating how to get the best from digitally streamed music, and the event runs from 2pm to 8pm.

Spaces are limited, and you can apply for an invitation by phone on 0844 7636 5719. or by emailing CeritechFollow on Twitter Join on Facebook