Can't afford the Sony XM4 this Prime Day? Top-rated Sennheisers are now 42% off

Can't afford the Sony XM4 this Prime Day? Top-rated Sennheisers are now 42% off
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An awesome Prime Day deal on the popular Sony XM4 (£197) is all well and good for those willing to part with a significant amount of cash for a new pair of wireless headphones, but what about something at the more affordable end, hey Amazon?

Well, there actually isn't much choice at the cheaper end of the wireless noise-cancelling over-ear market in this year's Prime Day deals, but thankfully we have spotted one great deal. And really, one great deal is all you really need.

The Sennheiser HD 450SE are now just £75 at Amazon thanks to a 42 per cent discount for Prime Day, which ends at midnight.

The HD 450SE ('Special Edition') are Amazon-exclusive versions of the 450 BT headphones (pictured top) we awarded four stars to for their smooth, easy-listening balance, excellent 30-hour battery life and high-quality aptX Low Latency Bluetooth support. The HD 450SE simply build on that by integrating Alexa voice control, too – perhaps not surprising considering the product's Amazon distribution tie-in.

For decent-sounding wireless over-ear headphones with active noise cancellation, from a headphones brand as reputable as Sennheiser, this deal is certainly worth considering.

Sennheiser HD 450SE was £130 now £75 at Amazon (save £55)

Sennheiser HD 450SE was £130 now £75 at Amazon (save £55)
Wireless noise-cancelling headphones jam-packed with features, including Alexa voice control, a 30-hour battery and aptX Bluetooth support. They sound very decent too, if a little on the bassy side, and are built to Sennheiser's typically high standards. At £75, these are a bargain.

Apart from adding Amazon Alexa voice assistant and only being available in a black finish, the 450SE are identical to the 450BT, which we praised for having a smooth, rich balance that’s enjoyable, not to mention easy to listen to. They may be a little on the bassy side – which some people might even prefer – but while it cost them a fifth star when we reviewed them at their original price, the bias isn't too extreme at all. 

Active noise-cancellation is onboard, as is compatibility with Sennheiser's control app, making them among the best-featured pairs of their kind at this knockdown price.

All things considered, we can't help but highly recommend these Sennheisers at their £75 Prime Day deal price.


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