The new player from Cambridge supports a variety of video and audio disc formats, as well as high-resolution audio. It's due on sale at the end of August for £900.

The CXU has been fitted with the latest Mediatek chipset which delivers a "lightning fast" performance and one that is "truly universal". 

The Cambridge CXU can play 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray, DVD, CD, SACD, DVD-A, AVCHD and HDCD. DARBEE Visual Presence video processing technology is also onboard to help deliver top quality pictures, while the CXU can also upscale to 4K.

Cambridge has fitted five Wolfson WM870 DACs - one for each channel - to ensure that audio is decoded to the “highest possible quality". Cambridge Audio’s proprietary ATF (Adaptive Time Filtering) up-sampling technology is also onboard to upsample all audio to 24-bit/192kHz.

A wide range of connections can be found on the back: two HDMI inputs, two HDMI ARC outputs, three USB inputs, and S/PDIF coaxial and TOSLINK optical inputs. 

An Internet connection can be achieved either via wired Ethernet or via the included wireless dongle. There's support for MHL (Mobile High-definition Link) so you can connect a phone or tablet and play music and video. 

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The CXU comes with a backlit remote control, which can also be used to control other CX products, such as the Cambridge CXN network player.

An optional internal volume control means the CXU can also be connected directly to a power amplifier or a pair of active speakers. 

The Cambridge Audio CXU will be on show for the first time at the Hong Kong High End AV Show on August 9th and will be available to buy from the end of August for £900.

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magicrabbit's picture

CXN series

Impressive, beautiful and quite elegant.

I love this new CXN series

manicm's picture

As gorgeous as this thing is,

As gorgeous as this thing is, it is already obsolete I'm afraid, especially at 900 quid. Who really spins DVD-A and SACD discs these days when hires/DSD audio can be downloaded? The article doesn't say if can play DSD streams. So if can't then the term 'universal' player is rather meaningless. And obviously the glaring omission is native 4k playback when such players are just around the corner - for the same price or cheaper. So who is gonna spend 900 on this thing????

No thanks, not this time CA, time for a rethink on your part I'm afraid.

Trefor Patten's picture

I have been waiting for this…..

Can't wait to compare to Oppo to hear which sounds best. I have quite a collection of SACDs and a HDCD discs which I have never heard decoded. This looks better than the Oppo, if it performs better I am in. Almost all of my 'standard' CDs now exist as AIFF files on a hard drive, but ripping SACDs is nigh-on impossible. This could give me the best of both worlds. Music 2

Steven H. Taylor's picture

Just stating the obvious

"Who really spins DVD-A and SACD discs these days when hires/DSD audio can be downloaded?" Well, er, people who've built up a collection of DVD-A and/or SACD discs?

bigboss's picture

Features look strikingly

Features look strikingly similar to Oppo, including Darbee. Hope this settles any lingering doubt at CA players are made by Oppo.

Sliced Bread's picture

A shame as it could be perfect

Looks  lovely and it's great it has high resolution support,  but it's unfortunately miss timed.

£900 without native 4k, which is *just* around the corner.



dylan_williams's picture

4k discs...

I agree with some of the other comments, there's not much point buying this with 4k discs due this year (apparently). My next, and possibly last, disc player will hopefully be an universal disc player with 4k playback.

ouijaboy's picture

4K DVD's? and/or audio DVD's?

I was interested in the new Cambridge CXU universal player. Will the 4K discs be manufactured strictly for video? I am more of an audiophile kind of guy. I love audio products from the UK as I own a B&W Zeppelin Air, Meridian DAC, AVI Speakers and Quad 12L Active Speakers. Thanx, Craig

Machiel Groeneveld's picture


Too bad they deviated from their CXC CD player setup, which doesn't have a DAC. Combining the CXU with any of the other CX products will make its DAC obsolete.