The BDP-1USB is designed to be used with an external USB DAC and can support a wide range of audio formats. It will begin shipping in October.

The Bryston BDP-1USB joins the music player range featuring the BDP-2 and it has much of the same technology, but loses the internal soundcard. This means users will need to pair it with an external USB DAC. 

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The removal of the soundcard also significantly reduces the cost, but Bryston says there's no loss in sound quality. Power comes from a noiseless linear supply that has been isolated from the digital audio path and the AV power circuits. 

The BDP-1USB can support UPnP streaming, DSD (Direct Stream Digital) over PCM (Pulse-code modulation) and Squeezebox emulation. A library support of up to 30,000 tracks can include FLAC, Apple Lossless, AIFF, WAV and MP3 file formats.

Users can control the player using iOS and Android devices using Bryston's built-in interface; a selection of third-party apps can also be used.

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The Bryston BDP-1USB digital music player is expected to ship to Bryston dealers at the beginning of October for an MSRP of $1795. UK pricing has yet to be confirmed.



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As it doesn't have a DAC,

As it doesn't have a DAC, that is a lot of money for what is essentially just a pure streamer.

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Does it come with the

Does it come with the legendary 20 year warranty?