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We've been busy running around all the speaker demos here at the Bristol Sound and Vision Show, and here's our round-up of some of the most interesting launches.

It's been a hectic couple of days here in Bristol at the UK's No.1 hi-fi show, with a plethora of new speaker launches from a whole host of manufacturers.

From the eminently affordable Q Acoustics 3000 series (from £140) to the rather pricier Kudos Titan 808s at £20,000 a pair, there's certainly something to suit every budget.

Other highlights include the Quad S Series (£600-£1700), Spendor's A5R (£1995), the Epos K5 Series (price £tbc), Rega's RX range through to the Tannoy Revolution XT models (£599-£1299).

These and many more made this one of the most exciting Bristol Shows in recent years, so if you weren't able to come along and hear them for yourself, here's a video round-up to give you a flavour of what we've seen and heard.

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Sound at Bristol HiFi Show

Overall the sound at Bristol was poor as usual. There were one or two good sounds, for example Harbeth, at sensible levels. Spendor als good, and QED 3010 looks like good value for money. Some of the demos were at ridiculous levels (dynaudio). And of course the usual nonsense about mains cables, conditioners etc. the usual bits of plastic going round and round....