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Bristol Show video: watch our round-up of the best new speakers

It's been a hectic couple of days here in Bristol at the UK's No.1 hi-fi show, with a plethora of new speaker launches from a whole host of manufacturers.

From the eminently affordable Q Acoustics 3000 series (from £140) to the rather pricier Kudos Titan 808s at £20,000 a pair, there's certainly something to suit every budget.

Other highlights include the Quad S Series (£600-£1700), Spendor's A5R (£1995), the Epos K5 Series (price £tbc), Rega's RX range through to the Tannoy Revolution XT models (£599-£1299).

These and many more made this one of the most exciting Bristol Shows in recent years, so if you weren't able to come along and hear them for yourself, here's a video round-up to give you a flavour of what we've seen and heard.

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