Tannoy's new pair of Precision floorstanding speakers combine some interesting technology with a range of luxury finishes. They are due in shops from July

Tannoy is demonstrating preview models from its new Precision range of speakers here at the Bristol Sound and Vision Show.

First up in the new range - due in July - are the Tannoy Precision 6.2 (£1800; pictured above) and the Precision 6.4 (£2200). A matching centre speaker and subwoofer will follow, with the possibility of standmount additions to the range at a later date.

Watch our video report on the Tannoy Precision 6

The speakers use an interesting mix of technologies, including Tannoy's familiar dual-concentric tweeter design plus Auxiliary Bass Radiator (ABR) drivers. For example, the Precision 6.4 uses a dual-concentric driver at the top, then an ABR, then a driven bass driver, finishing with another ABR.

The Precision floorstanders also feature mass-loadable cabinets, a new plinth design, magnetic grilles and flexible wiring options (see below).

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They will be available in a range of high-grade finishes - Tannoy has confirmed dark walnut, espresso and gloss black, but may also add a wenge finish (shown at the far right in the picture at the top of the story).

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