BRISTOL SHOW 2012: Ming Da valve amps power iPod, hi-fi and home cinema – video report

Watch our video report on the Ming Da range

If you're a fan of valve amps - or if you just want to see what all the fuss is about - head to Ming Da's room on the second floor of the Bristol Sound and Vision show.

The room is packed with the company's wide range of valve-powered products, including an iPod dock, headphone amp, various stereo models, phono stages and the flagship MC-5S five-channel power amplifier (pictured above).

The MC-5S isn't underpowered for either hi-fi or home cinema duties: Ming Da claims it belts out 70W per channel. It can be switched to two-channel mode for stereo music listening; the remaining three channels switch to valve- and power-saving standby mode. It costs £3995 and is available now.

The company is encouraging people to come and hear what modern valve amplification can deliver, rather than rely on stereotypical descriptions of 'warm, soft sound'. "Today it's all about well-defined sound with astonishing clarity," they say.

Pictured above is the Ming Da MC84-C11. It's a stereo amplifier with integrated iPod dock, USB input and twin analogue inputs. It offers up to 15W per channel stereo performance, and comes with a remote control. The Chromium finish model costs £999, with a red/chrome version priced £849.

Next to catch our eye was this pair of MC805-A monoblocs, costing £3499. This 40W-per-channel design can be paired with a range of pre-amps, including Ming Da's four-model line-up - now boosted with the arrival of the new MD-7SE (below).

The entire range is available now; we hope to get some review samples of several of the Ming Da valve amps very soon.

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