Beyerdynamic cuts the cord with its first-ever pair of wireless gaming headphones

Beyerdynamic MMX 200 with a futuristic neon background being held by a robotic hand
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Beyerdynamic, a company that's prestigious for its headphones and microphones, has combined its two strengths to create what could be the ultimate gaming headset. It's the company's first attempt at a wireless gaming-orientated set of headphones – however, it's leaning heavily on its nearly 100 years' worth of experience to ensure that it's a strong start. 

The MMX 200 Wireless resemble the other headsets in the MMX lineup closely, although they're now untethered thanks to support for Bluetooth 5.3 and the company's low latency wireless adapter. This should give the MMX 200 a competitive edge, as no one wants laggy or distorted audio when they're trying to focus on the game at hand. Speaking of the wireless receiver, it's compatible with PC, PlayStation (PS5 and PS4) and Nintendo Switch, however, you'll need to plug them in via the 3.5mm headphone jack if you want to use them on the Xbox Series X.

Moving onto the drivers found in this headset, Beyerdynamic has equipped the MMX 200 with dynamic 40mm high-performance drivers that deliver "powerful bass, clear mids, and detailed highs". The German audio brand states that these drivers help recreate "in-game effects with vivid audio playback". Beyerdynamic states that these custom drivers feature enhanced sensitivity and increased impulse response and detail across the extended frequency range, meaning they should capture all the necessary details you need for competitive gaming, like footsteps and environmental effects. 

However, you're going to want to talk to your teammates, not just listen to them, and that's where the detachable boom mic comes into play. Beyerdynamic says the included 9mm capsule microphone is podcast-quality and that the electret condenser capsule will allow for higher max sound pressure levels (SPL), wider response, and less noise. Better still, it's more power efficient than other gaming mics according to Beyerdynamic, which is ideal now that this headset is relying on battery power. Speaking of which, Beyerdynamic quotes upwards of 35 hours of use on a single charge, although it claims that the actual playtime can be between 40 and 50 hours including idle periods. 

Finishing off with the design and build of these headphones, they're surprisingly understated for a set of gaming headphones. There are no gaudy RGB lights or bright neon colours, instead, they're a bit more refined and mature with a monochromatic design that's available in either black or grey. The only gaming representation you'll see are a few subtle orange highlights – these cans are clearly made for the more style-conscious gamer. Beyerdynamic also highlights premium build materials including an aluminium headband, memory foam in the ear cushions and headband for enhanced comfort, and faux-leather ear pads which can be easily swapped out if they need to be replaced. 

The MMX 200 Wireless is available on Beyerdynamic's website and Amazon now for €249.00 / £249.99 / AU$399 – if you're in the UK then you'll be able to purchase the MMX 200 Wireless from Beyerdynamic's European site


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