BenQ GP1 mini projector
If you're after a tiny, portable projector complete with a USB input then the new BenQ GP1 mini LED projector could be for you

Portable projectors have become a reality in the last 12 months with palm-sized machines being released by  a number of manufacturers at the budget end of the market.

BenQ has joined the party with the tiny GP1 projector. An LED projector, it boasts a USB reader input allowing you to view music, movies, photos and more from the handheld-sized unit without the need for a PC.

Weighing just 640g, the GP1 is compatible with all manner of mass storage devices and can display an image up to 80in in size. It's a 4:3 native projector but is also 16:9 selectable.

There's also a 2-watt speaker – we're guessing this won't worry a home cinema speaker system – and a headphone jack for more personal listening.

Elsewhere there are composite and D-Sub inputs, and a PC audio output. A detachable iPod docking station is also available.

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Set to hit stores in the UK, the BenQ GP1 mini projector will retail for £499.