Baldur's Gate's coming to a new format – vinyl

Baldur's Gate Vinyl
Baldurs Gate 3 Standard Edition Vinyl (Image credit: Gamemusic Records)

Game soundtrack and orchestral fans, listen up – the huge, cinematic soundtrack that accompanies Baldur's Gate 3 can now be preordered in standard or limited edition vinyl collections.

The truly excellent RPG won the award for 'Game of the Year' at the 2023 edition of The Game Awards, so it's no surprise to see collectable physical releases offered up.

Other big games such as Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and Shin Megami Tensei V have also seen vinyl announcements recently, and we don't expect this trend to end anytime soon as physical music sales see a continued resurgence.

Composed by Borislav Slavov and released via Gamemusic Records, Matthias Adloff has fully remastered the score for these special vinyl pressings.

The release also comes with stunning new original artwork by artist Magdalena Katańska, a long-time associate of Larian Studios, who created unique paintings for both sides of the record's packaging. 

Baldur's Gate 3 Limited Edition Vinyl

Baldurs Gate 3 Limited Edition Vinyl (Image credit: Gamemusic Records)

The soundtrack is available in two editions: a standard variant costing €59 and a limited edition set which costs €99. Both versions contain the same musical content across three 12-inch 180-gram LP vinyl discs, however, there are a few other differences between the two sets.

The standard version contains three discs featuring a Ceremorphosis colouring theme, which comprises an 'Underdark black' with 'Illithid purple' which represents the game's Mind Flayers.

With the limited edition version, each disc is coloured differently to represent different characters from the game. It also includes custom inner sleeves which feature original character portraits, a deluxe magnetic closure box resembling an ancient grimoire, and a piano score booklet with liner notes.

Both vinyl editions of the Baldur's Gate 3 soundtrack can be pre-ordered now via Gamemusic Records, with an expected release coming in the Summer of 2024.


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