Australian Hi-Fi Show Sydney 2024 – full room listings

Australian Hi-Fi Show 2025
(Image credit: Future)

Sydney's premier hi-fi and video show is brought to you by Australian Hi-FiWhat Hi-Fi? and Sound+Image magazines, the Australian Hi-Fi Show 2024 celebrating the latest and greatest in the hi-fi and AV industry, giving visitors the opportunity to see and hear a range of products from all around the world, featuring live demonstrations of some of the world's most renowned hi-fi and AV brands including high-end audio, TVs, projectors, headphones, home theatre systems, amplifiers, streamers, wireless and Bluetooth speakers and everything in between, the Australian Hi-Fi Show 2024 will go even bigger and better than last year's event.

The show took place on Friday 5th, Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th April 2024 at the Sydney Central Hotel, a 4.5-star boutique Sydney hotel in Thomas St, Haymarket, a short walk from Central Station in an easily accessible CBD location right in the heart of the city.

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Below are the original room listings from the 2024 show:
for the final show report and wrap-up, go here. 


Large loudspeakers in a beige room

(Image credit: Masimo Consumer)

Masimo Consumer brings Bowers & Wilkins reference speakers with world-class amplification by Classé!

Get ready for an extraordinary audio experience at the Australian Hi-Fi Show!

Following its sound-winning performance last year, including an Abbey Road photo wall, Masimo Consumer Audio is back with its extensive portfolios of audio excellence, proud to showcase the crème de la crème of legendary audio brands, including Bowers & Wilkins, Denon, Marantz, Polk Audio, and Classé. 

Masimo has three rooms to showcase the finest audio systems from the world’s best audio brands. On Level 9 in Room 6, two affordable but thrilling systems from Denon and Polk, and Marantz and Bowers & Wilkins. 

And here on the Lower Ground, two large rooms – one with the feature flagship of Bowers & Wilkins 801 D4 Signature speakers, partnered with Classé amplification. The second suite will be sounding out with a combination of Masimo's brands promising to deliver high-performance audio at impressively real-world prices. 

Bowers & Wilkins: For years, Bowers & Wilkins has been captivating the hearts of music enthusiasts with their unparalleled audio performance. The choice of studio professionals and recording artists, Bowers & Wilkins consistently pushes the boundaries of audio innovation, offering products that redefine sound experiences. In the Shell Cove room you'll be able to hear the ultimate reference speakers: Bowers & Wilkins 801 D4 Signature in all their glory, partnered with the best from Classé.


Various products from Indie Hi-Fi in prepartion for the Australian Hi-FI Show 2024

(Image credit: indie HiFi)

Indie Hi-Fi brings Wilson Audio, Andante, Audion & Grimm

- Wilson Audio SabrinaX speakers
- AGD Productions (Andante DAC/Pre; Audion 100W mono blocks)
- Grimm (MU1 streamer/server)

Various products from Indie Hi-Fi in prepartion for the Australian Hi-FI Show 2024

(Image credit: indie HiFi)

Indie Hi-Fi brings head-fi galore to the special headphone auditioning room on the Lower Ground! 

- HoloAudio (streamer, DACs, headphone amps)
- Raal Requisite (ribbon headphones)
- ZMF Headphones
- FERRUM (DACs and headphone amps)
- Benchmark (DACs and headphone amps)
- Meze Headphones
- Dan Clark Audio (headphones)
- Dethonray (personal audio)


Advance Paris X-A220 Evo

Advance Paris's X-A220 Evo mono power amplifier (Image credit: Advance Paris)

Advance Paris & more from Synergy
Among the biggest VU meters you'll ever see!

Never a room to be missed, Melbourne distributor Synergy Audio Visual will be debuting its latest brand, Advance Paris, in Sydney alongside its established catalogue of hi-fi greats – McIntosh, Sonus Faber, Audio Research, Aurender, ELAC... the list goes on.

Advance Paris is a – you guessed it – French electronics brand with a ‘something for everyone’ catalogue that has recently come to Australia for the first time. The company has been operating since 1995 and has come a long way since it launched five loudspeaker models into the French market that year. Today it offers a vast range of hi-fi separates and systems, from CD players and network streamers to pre/powers and streaming integrateds, for both the price-conscious and higher-end hi-fi fan, with prices starting below AU$1,000 and soaring beyond twenty times that. 

Fans of analogue VU-meter aesthetics and valve performance should like what they see and hear, too, with many Advance Paris components utilising vacuum tube technologies alongside solid-state. It’s hard to argue with their on-paper versatility – many of the sources and all-in-ones offer CD, FM radio, network streaming and digital and analogue connectivity. And the performance appears to match it, according to the highly positive Advance Paris X-P700 preamplifier and X-A220 Evo mono power amp review in the latest issue of Audio Esoterica magazine.

Of the new partnership with Advance Paris, Synergy AV's managing director, Philip Sawyer, says: “Advance Paris is one of the most exciting and innovative companies to join the top-tier of global hi-fi brands in recent years. While the company is over 25 years old, the current range is truly remarkable. The combination of feature-set, performance and price points are unique in the market.”

Dimitri Peucelle, the CEO of Advance Paris, adds: “Our line over the last years has been the trigger for worldwide recognition, we now look forward to sharing our range of products which bring a high level of comfort as we propose audiophile features likely to seduce music passionates.”

Avation Kaya speakers in a modern lounge room

Vivid Audio's Kaya S12 (Image credit: Avation)

Avation presents Vivid Audio & PS Audio
'Vivid by name - Vivid by nature'

Vivid Audio loudspeakers are created for a single purpose: to bring you perfectly transparent, natural sound, free from colour, resonance and reflection. Which means you get to enjoy the music you love in a whole new way: exactly as it was written, performed and intended to be heard." 

The company also says that almost every part of each of its models is unique and not found in any other loudspeaker. 

The brand has models from three ranges auditioning at the Australian Hi-Fi Show 2024, with power from PS Audio, so come along and hear these amazing speakers for yourself.


March Audio loudspeakers in a demonstration room at the Australian Hi-fi Show 2023

(Image credit: Future)

March Audio

Western Australia's March Audio was acclaimed at the 2023 Show for one of the best-sounding rooms – despite its system being a fraction of the price of some other systems. They will be back for 2024 with their latest speakers, amplifiers and cables, all proudly hand-built in Albany, WA, delivering “superb technical performance and sound at modest prices”. You can expect March Audio's demonstration for 2024 to produce a room not to be missed. 


Aussie supersystem at the Australian Hi-fi Show

(Image credit: Halcro)

Halcro & Duntech & Döhmann
The best of Australian – maybe the best in the world! 

This unmissable audio suite will host Duntech's brand-new Princess loudspeakers – $120,000 floorstanders that take their lead from the company's legendary Sovereigns, acknowledged by experts as the most accurate in the world. With the drivers symmetrically arranged on a vertical axis and time aligned, you have to hear these speakers! 

The power comes from Halcro's very latest reference amplification, a triumph of form and function, unique in its imagination of what an amplifier is and how to puh the boundaries of technology. 

The third Aussie legend is analogue playback courtesy of a Döhmann Helix turntable, engineered to deliver unparalleled performance in analogue playback and is the result of many years of research, development, collaboration and listening by internationally acclaimed analogue designer Mark Döhmann and his team.

It's an Australian supersystem not to be missed!

Avantgarde horn speakers with Leica Cinema 1 projector in a white room

Horn speakers by Avantgarde Acoustics (Image credit: Leica, Future)

Leica, Piega, Avantgarde, Innuos, Fezz
Leica's Cine 1 Cinema TV will be shining its bright light with the ultimate in console design and big-screen TV-style projection, its images joined by a host of brands from MaxMedia, including the all new Avantgarde Acoustic Mezzo G3 speakers from Avantgarde Acoustics. Hopefully arriving for the Show in a brilliant orange ahead of their Munich debut, the new Mezzo G3 is a consistent further development using a new totally redesigned enclosure with 100% new parts that significantly improve the already outstanding acoustic performance of the DUO GT. 

Plus electronics from Fezz, Innuos and many more.


Elementi Air speakers in an artificial room environment

(Image credit: Wavetrain Cinemas / JF)

Wavetrain Cinemas bring Elementi speakers and amplifiers + BenQ Projection

It was the biggest and most spectacularly audiophile home cinema experience of the Show last year, and this year Wavetrain moves to the prestigious Show Entry floor with something different, when it brings the amazing Elementi digital active speakers back to again rumble the Australian Hi-Fi Show 2024. 

This year the Elementi speakers will face the ultimate challenge of playing as an audiophile stereo system, in a venue where they'll be heard alongside the best two-channel hi-fi on the planet. 

Wavetrain Cinemas itself recently won ‘Best Home Cinema Global’ from CEDIA for one of its bespoke home cinema designs, adding to a vast trove of cinema awards. 

Wavetrain is now using Elementi Audio as its exclusive high-end solution for its installation projects. Elementi is a digital active speaker designed specifically for custom home cinema use with its ‘Fire’ and ‘Air’ speaker ranges, ‘Earth’ subwoofers, and ‘Water’ Dolby Atmos speakers, all driven by external power amplifier components cleverly designed to be mounted against the cinema walls, adjacent to the speakers. 

This room you have to hear!

Beyerdynamic headphones in a row with an orange base

(Image credit: Syntec Australia)

Beyerdynamic headphones
beyerdynamic’s Australian distributor Synchronised Technology will be at the Show loaded with fine headphones from the German brand's diverse, budget-spanning catalogue. Hear the sounds and discover the reason that professionals choose beydynamic for Broadcast, Film and Stage applications, and how those technologies transfer into stunning consumer headphones for home and away.

Crates of vinyl records on sale at the Australian Hi-fi Show 2023

(Image credit: Future)

Boomerang Records brings the vinyl!
While you're enjoying the stunning sounds of the Show, you're sure to be inspired to take home a little black magic of your own by riffling through the racks of Boomerang Records' extensive record fair on the Level 1 Concourse near the Show Entry. 

They have everything on offer from high-quality secondhanders to audiophile Half Speed Master recordings - and as you can see, everything from ABBA through to Metal!

Chat to the Boomerang team while you're browsing – they're a font of vinyl pressing wisdom and experience! 


Secret Chord Analogue

"Get more from the music you love" promises Secret Chord Analogue, bringing Record Restore, Red Roo tube amps, Confluence speakers and more... (Image credit: Secret Chord)

Secret Chord Analogue 
As our name suggests, we’re about analogue sound," write Secret Chord Analogue. "And at its heart that’s the vinyl record. So at our presentation room at the Australian HiFi Show in Sydney you’ll not be surprised to find the world’s finest vinyl record cleaning method, Record Restore. Bring along a record for a free test clean if you like.

Because we’re all about analogue you’ll also find tube amps by Elekit of Japan and Red Roo of Australia: power amps, preamps and phono stages, which you can build, have built for you or plan to build at our Amp Camp in the Blue Mountains. 

They’ll be playing into quite possibly the most musical loudspeakers you’ll hear, our Confluence loudspeaker system. It’s open baffle and single driver. Be prepared to be surprised.

Even if you’ve got the cleanest LPs, they’ll not be heard at their peak if your turntable’s not properly set up. Our own Turntable Whisperer, Mark Busby, will be demonstrating turntable set up and the tools that he uses to achieve optimum results: scales, levels, protractors, test discs and analytic software.

Each day we’ll be working through LP playlists. Keep your eye out for the comparatives we’ll be playing: original LPs from back in the day and the latest re-releases of those albums.

And if you’re a guitarist, you may like to try a few chords on the Red Roo Rockstar guitar amp, which will be available towards the end of each day for your personal jamming pleasure."

Revival Audio range with the new Atalante 4 covered

(Image credit: Revival Audio)

Audio Marketing brings Revival Audio, Musical Fidelity, Triangle & more
Among the treasures in Room 2 on Level 9 will be the latest release in the wildly successful Revival Audio Atalante loudspeaker range. The new (soon to be revealed) Atalante 4 teases its more tower-like design – a modern aesthetic, yet with the same Atalante engineering and French-built design details.

The Atalante demos at the last Sydney show were voted 'Best Sound' by many, and with power from Musical Fidelity's legendary amplification and more to be announced, this is a room not to be missed!

Hi-Fi Show

A suite of Microphase Audio Design's dinky loudspeakers (Image credit: Microphase)

Microphase Audio Design
"Crafted in Australia with French flair, our core design forte is in small speakers crafted to sound incredibly good on their own and have a reputation to have one of the best midrange in the World. They reproduce instruments timbres with accuracy and speed, thanks to their very inert marine grade birch plywood cabinet and bespoke drivers mostly sourced from famous French manufacturer Audax.

"You can augment their bass response by choosing one of our subwoofers, carefully designed to match the satellites in sound performance and looks.

"Finally, one can build a very coherent home theatre system by using 4 satellites, our centre channel and subwoofer(s)."

Marantz CD50n streaming CD player on a nice slate table in a white room

(Image credit: Masimo Consumer / JF)

Masimo Consumer brings Bowers & Wilkins, Denon, Marantz and Polk Audio!
Get ready for an extraordinary audio experience at the Australian Hi-Fi Show!

Following its sound-winning performance last year, including an Abbey Road photo wall, Masimo Consumer Audio is back with its extensive portfolios of audio excellence, proud to showcase the crème de la crème of legendary audio brands, including Bowers & Wilkins, Denon, Marantz, Polk Audio, and Classé. 

Masimo has three rooms to showcase the finest audio systems from the world’s best audio brands. On the Lower Ground floor, two spaces will host systems, with the flagship Bowers & Wilkins 801 D4 Signature, partnered with Classé amplification, playing in the Shell Cove room.

On Level 9 in Room 6, meanwhile, two more affordable but thrilling systems: Denon and Polk, and Marantz and Bowers & Wilkins. 

A special highlight will be the brand-new Marantz Model 50 paired with the CD50n network CD player (pictured above) – the ultimate one-box digital source. The systems and audio experience will be elevated by using the very best cables by AudioQuest.

Bowers & Wilkins: For years, Bowers & Wilkins has been captivating the hearts of music enthusiasts with their unparalleled audio performance. The choice of studio professionals and recording artists, Bowers & Wilkins consistently pushes the boundaries of audio innovation, offering products that redefine sound experiences. In the Spring Cove room you'll be able to hear the ultimate reference speakers: Bowers & Wilkins 801 D4 Signature in all their glory, partnered with the best from Classé, while on Level 9 you can hear them partnered with Marantz electronics.

Denon: Merging state-of-the-art engineering with cutting-edge technology, Denon carries a rich heritage of audio excellence. From high-quality AV receivers to Hi-Fi systems and wireless speakers, Denon's creations are designed to deliver the ultimate listening experience for music aficionados and home theatre enthusiasts alike.

Marantz: For over half a century, the name Marantz has stood as a beacon of excellence in home entertainment. Even in the midst of the ever-evolving tech landscape, Marantz components continue to embody Saul Marantz's original vision, expanding sensory horizons for the most demanding connoisseurs.

Polk Audio: Known for its perfect blend of style, performance, and value, Polk Audio consistently produces high-quality audio solutions for every budget. Through innovative design and engineering, Polk delivers a diverse range of speakers, soundbars, and home theatre systems that cater to even the most discerning listeners.

Kudos Audio Titan 808 speakers in a Firefly-generated warehouse environment

(Image credit: Krispy Audio)

Audio Magic and Krispy Audio won’t be short of hi-fi gear to show during the weekend, being the Aussie distributor for a number of the biggest names in high-end hi-fi. This room will include:
- Kudos Audio Titan 808 speakers (pictured)
- VPI turntables, Record Cleaning Machines and supplies
- Bespoke Audio Co. passive preamplifier
- Shunyata cables and power conditioning
- Little F’wend tonearm lifters
- Manley Labs amplifiers, preamplifiers, phono stages
- WBT audio connectors
- Copland
- Ayre Acoustics

Australian Hi-Fi Show exhibits

(Image credit: Audio Magic)

Audio Magic and Space Hi-Fi
In Audio Magic's second room it joins with Chester Hill's Space Hi-Fi to.showcase products from brands Harbeth Audio, Bergmann Audio, Finite Elemente, Tellurium Q and others, with a headphone corner featuring T+A and Mark Levinson to delight head-fi fans. Those brands in full:
- Harbeth Audio
- Ayre Acoustics
- AQUA Acoustic Quality
- Bergmann Audio
- Enleum
- Hana
- Finite Elemente
- Tellurium Q

Headphone corner:
- T+A
- Mark Levinson

De Vore speakers with other hi-fi electronics in a dark room with vinyl records

(Image credit: McLeans Smarter Home Entertainment)

Mcleans Smarter Home Entertainment brings AURALiC, Rogue Audio, De VORE

Having opened in 1982 as what was then one of Australia's first ‘audio visual’ home entertainment stores, located in The Entrance, NSW, Mcleans Smarter Home Entertainment is now a Central Coast-based retailer and exclusively distributes an exclusive handful of brands, including AURALiC, DeVORE, and Rogue Audio. 

At the Australian Hi-Fi Show 2024, Mcleans will demonstrate precisely what a well-planned and well-priced hi-fi system can achieve.

The AURALiC Altair G2.1 digital audio streamer is far more than an exquisitely rendering streamer, it is an all-encompassing digital and analogue source component, combining every function available from AURALiC into the ultra-quiet G2.1 chassis, perfect for the most demanding music lover, whether playing a high-res title from an online streaming service, a file on a NAS drive, or an LP on a turntable. 

Rogue Audio’s RP-7 preamplifier will pair with Rogue’s Stereo 100 power amplifier, its four matched KT88 output tubes operating in push-pull configuration to coax beautiful sounds from the remarkable DeVORE FIDELITY Orangutan O/96 speakers, with their award-winning blend of musicality and accuracy in a new speaker designed especially for low-powered tube amplifiers... yet also suitable for transistor amplifiers.

Here them together at the Australian Hi-Fi Show, up on Level 9.

Sony TV with Theory speakers

(Image credit: Audio Active)

Audio Active brings Sony QD-OLED television and Theory Audio Design

Plans are afoot to thrill both your eyes and your ears up in Room 10 in the Corridor of Sound!

Sony's QD-OLED televisions use the very latest panels of the new OLED technology, powered by Cognitive Processor XR to deliver the ultimate in eye-popping clarity, the widest colours, near-infinite contrast ratios and perfect blacks. 

Matching Sony for clarity and accuracy in the audio realm will be the latest miracle speakers from Theory Audio Design in Orange County, USA, delivering a new level in high-output soundbar designs, and unique surface-mount home cinema speakers which work in combination with Theory's loudspeaker processors and controller in a unique and award-winning ecosystem you need to hear to believe.  

(Image credit: Serhan Swift, DEQX)

Serhan Swift brings the new mµ3F!

Serhan Swift officially launches its long-awaited floorstander, the mu3F, with everything you love in the world-acclaimed mu2 Mk II standmount – precision, musicality, big sound – just more! Plus more sensitivity/acoustic output, more bass extension, more power handling…

We are proud to be partnering with another Australian company, DEQX, showcasing their new Gen4 LS200 amplifier/streamer/processor. A world first, this unit provides a stunning, powerful integrated amplifier with almost immeasurable distortion: and also Volumio Roon-enabled streaming – a complete package. 

DEQX world-leading speaker calibration, room correction and subwoofer integration is also featured. DEQX has all but eradicated the distortions and artifacts that plague other DSPs, resulting in supremely accurate sound that is still musical, engaging and never fatiguing.

Also on show: the mu2 Mk II; our “surprise system”; Wand arm, turntable, phono stage, and battery power supply from Design, Build, Listen (NZ).

Last year the mµ2 Mk II was in the top 3 best-sounding room nominations – so don’t miss hearing the heights to which the new mµ3F can rise, in Room 12 up in the Corridor of Sound on Level 9. 

Sennheiser Momentum 4 detail

(Image credit: Sennheiser Hearing)

Sennheiser Hearing brings the legendary Momentum headphone range!

Discover best-in-class sound with Sennheiser's audiophile-inspired transducer system that delivers brilliant dynamics, clarity and musicality. 

Go from total immersion to situational awareness with just a touch, and enjoy next-generation Adaptive Noise Cancellation.

And listen your way, perfecting the sound for your tastes using built-in EQ, presets, sound modes, and a Sound Personalization feature, which tailors the audio to your individual hearing.

All with exceptional comfort and streamlined style. 

Get hands-on with Sennheiser's latest Momentum headphones at the Australian Hi-Fi Show in Room 14 of the Corridor of Sound on Level 9!  

Richter's Unicorn loudspeakers

(Image credit: Richter / JF)

Hi End Audio & Absolute Hi End revel in high-end hi-fi
Sydney store Hi End Audio and distributor Absolute Hi End's comprehensive portfolios feature some of the very best in high-end hi-fi from around the world, with internationally famed audio brands such as Boulder, Vitus, TAOC, AudioSolutions, SoulNote, Stillpoints, SBooster, Gigawatt and Silent Angel among the many jewels in their very ornate crown. 

Last year’s show attendees were treated to a sublime showcase of stereo sound inside the walls of Room 18, so we don’t expect anything less this time round.

Richter brings a Unicorn and the new Series 6plus

"At Richter we’re on a mission to continnue to improve our products while never losing sight of our key objective, which is to deliver the best entertainment / sound value for money in the market," says Richter. 

Thanks to the work achieved in 2023 with the development and launch of the Special Edition models E xcalibur S6SE and Wizard S6SE, Richter is now taking the performance of the Series 6 range to a new 'Plus' level, with Series 6plus versions of the standmount Merlin, the smaller floorstanding Harlequin, and the larger floorstanding Wizard.

But Richter's biggest news is the arrival of a whole new model, and perhaps Richter’s most versatile speaker ever: the new Unicorn S6plus Centre / LCR speaker.

“This new Unicorn will be a Richter first and a truly unique and versatile speaker allowing for numerous configurations via its switch modes,” says Brian Rodgers.

It is indeed a clever idea, the rear switches  allowing adjustment for using the Unicorn in any of various scenarios – and notably either horizontal or vertically. You can read more detail on the new Unicorn speaker in our News here.

The Show is your chance to hear what Richter has achieved with the new Series: don't miss the demo in Room 19!

Three finishes of Dellichord speakers against a floral background

(Image credit: Stereotech)

Stereotech brings Dellichord

Dellichord will launch two brand-new models at the Australian Hi-Fi Show, with the FR6 Isobaric bookshelf speaker (pictured) also in tow and on demo. 

The first new model is an “outstanding bookshelf speaker, a reimagined and modern take on a classic loved by audiophiles across the globe”, while the second is a larger model which the company says will be the talk of the show! 

For now, the rest is hush-hush, but consider us all highly intrigued! Also on display will be a range of Stereotech’s acoustic treatments, hi-fi equipment racks and loudspeaker stands in a variety of colours and finishes.

Alsyvox Tintoretto loudspeakers in a white room

(Image credit: Pura/JF)

Brisbane-based PuraSound, which represents an eclectic assortment of high-end hi-fi brands in Australia – from Cyprus's Aries Cerat to Spain's Alsyvox and Canada's Luna Cables – will be demonstrating a highly unique system in Sydney. 

At the helm will be Alsyvox's Tintoretto ribbon planar dipole speaker (pictured above), making its Australian debut no less. 

Also introducing itself will be Aries Cerat's Aperio integrated amplifier, with its innovative TriodeFet technology at its core. In Aries Cerat's words, this extremely simple topology we feel is a breakthrough in amplifier design, and is an elusive design goal for many, including our lab. This feat was only possible to execute after the breakthrough of our TriodeFet technology, and now we are finally able to use an active element that has the needed specifications for the purpose: Extremely high linearity, high voltage gain, high current gain and very high input impedance. All in a single stage.”

That pairing will be complemented by Aries Cerat's thaka DAC, also featuring TriodeFet technology, and Pink Faun's 2.16 Ultra digital server/streamer, with the system completed by cables from Luna Cables and Norway's Skogrand Cables and Isolation by Poland's Stacore.

"I am looking forward to sharing the new TriodeFet technology with Sydney", says PuraSound's Robert Campbell. "The Aperio Integrated is transparent, powerful, able to drive anything and does so with the liquidity and smoothness of a triode. The Ithaka D/A converter is a hugely impressive DAC – addictive!"


Ambertech's banner for the Australian Hi-fi Show 2024

(Image credit: Amber Technology)

PSB Speakers and Amber Technology

The Australian Hi-Fi Show, in collaboration with Amber Technology and PSB Speakers, invites you to Room 23 for an unforgettable experience. Immerse yourself in the future of sound, where innovation meets tradition, and the boundaries of audio excellence are pushed to new heights.

You will be able to IMAGINE yourself in an auditory journey like never before as Amber Technology, a leading distributor of specialist hi-fi products, exclusively showcases the renowned PSB Speakers. With a legacy spanning 50 years, PSB Speakers is revered for its meticulous design of speakers, subwoofers, and headphones, tailored to captivate the discerning ears of music enthusiasts and audiophiles alike.

Step into Room 23 and witness the unveiling of new products, experience the iconic 'True to Nature' sound signature, and explore the PSB Speaker range.

PSB Speakers: A Legacy of Sonic Excellence
PSB Speakers, with its rich history and unwavering commitment to excellence, has become synonymous with the 'True to Nature' sound signature. Every product is a testament to their dedication to delivering an unparalleled listening experience, prioritising musicality, value, and aesthetic appeal.

Founded on the principles of innovation and craftsmanship, PSB Speakers has consistently pushed the boundaries of audio technology, earning a reputation as a trailblazer in the industry. At the Australian Hi-Fi Show, Room 23 will serve as a haven for audiophiles to explore and experience the latest offerings from PSB Speakers.

Unveiling New Horizons: First-time Showcases
Amber Technology, representing PSB Speakers, is proud to present an array of new products making their debut in Australia at the Australian Hi-Fi Show. Visitors will have the exclusive opportunity to be among the first to witness and immerse themselves in the latest advancements in audio technology.

Each new product from PSB Speakers encapsulates the essence of innovation, promising a sonic journey that transcends conventional boundaries. These new additions showcase PSB Speakers' commitment to evolving with the ever-changing landscape of audio technology.

A Sonic Symphony in Room 23
As you step into Room 23, be prepared to be enchanted by the harmonious convergence of technology and artistry. PSB Speakers' product lineup, meticulously displayed by Amber Technology, will take you on a sonic journey, allowing you to explore the intricate details of sound and appreciate the nuances of each musical note.

From the renowned "True to Nature" sound signature to the captivating visual appeal of each product, Room 23 encapsulates the essence of PSB Speakers' dedication to delivering an unparalleled audio-visual experience. Whether you are a seasoned audiophile or a casual music lover, Room 23 promises an immersive encounter with the epitome of audiophile excellence.

Don't miss your chance to be part of this exclusive showcase. Join us at the Australian Hi-Fi Show in Room 23 and redefine your auditory experience. The future of sound is here, and it's waiting for you to discover it.

Top-sounding rooms from the 2023 Show!

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