Australian Hi-Fi Show Sydney 2024 – dates, venue and ticket info

Australian Hi-Fi Show 2024
(Image credit: Future)

Building on the success of the Australian Hi-Fi Show Sydney in 2023, tickets are now on sale for Sydney's premier hi-fi and video show. 

Brought to you by Australian Hi-FiWhat Hi-Fi? and Sound+Image magazines, the Australian Hi-Fi Show 2024 will celebrate the latest and greatest in the hi-fi and AV industry, giving visitors the opportunity to see and hear a range of products from all around the world.

Featuring live demonstrations of some of the world's most renowned hi-fi and AV brands including high-end audio, TVs, projectors, headphones, home theatre systems, amplifiers, streamers, wireless and Bluetooth speakers and everything in between, the Australian Hi-Fi Show 2024 will go even bigger and better than this year's event.

The show will take place on Friday 5th, Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th April 2024 at the Novotel Sydney Central, a 4.5-star boutique Sydney hotel a short walk from Central Station in an easily accessible CBD location right in the heart of the city.


Bring your own music, relax, and enjoy the listening experience in our comfortable sound lounges. And find what is right for YOU.

Here are some of the highlights coming to the 2024 show, including none other than world-class Halcro amplifiers (and check back here for all the latest additions!):

Advance Paris X-A220 Evo

Advance Paris's X-A220 Evo mono power amplifier (Image credit: Advance Paris)

Advance Paris & more from Synergy
Among the biggest VU meters you'll ever see!

Never a room to be missed, Melbourne distributor Synergy Audio Visual will be debuting its latest brand, Advance Paris, in Sydney alongside its established catalogue of hi-fi greats – McIntosh, Sonus Faber, Audio Research, Aurender, ELAC... the list goes on.

Advance Paris is a – you guessed it – French electronics brand with a ‘something for everyone’ catalogue that has recently come to Australia for the first time. The company has been operating since 1995 and has come a long way since it launched five loudspeaker models into the French market that year. Today it offers a vast range of hi-fi separates and systems, from CD players and network streamers to pre/powers and streaming integrateds, for both the price-conscious and higher-end hi-fi fan, with prices starting below AU$1,000 and soaring beyond twenty times that. 

Fans of analogue VU-meter aesthetics and valve performance should like what they see and hear, too, with many Advance Paris components utilising vacuum tube technologies alongside solid-state. It’s hard to argue with their on-paper versatility – many of the sources and all-in-ones offer CD, FM radio, network streaming and digital and analogue connectivity. And the performance appears to match it, according to the highly positive Advance Paris X-P700 preamplifier and X-A220 Evo mono power amp review in the latest issue of Audio Esoterica magazine.

Of the new partnership with Advance Paris, Synergy AV's managing director, Philip Sawyer, says: “Advance Paris is one of the most exciting and innovative companies to join the top-tier of global hi-fi brands in recent years. While the company is over 25 years old, the current range is truly remarkable. The combination of feature-set, performance and price points are unique in the market.”

Dimitri Peucelle, the CEO of Advance Paris, adds: “Our line over the last years has been the trigger for worldwide recognition, we now look forward to sharing our range of products which bring a high level of comfort as we propose audiophile features likely to seduce music passionates.”

Hi-Fi Show

A legend reborn: the latest Halcro Eclipse power amplifier (Image credit: Halcro, Dohmann, Duntech)

Halcro, Duntech & Döhmann
The best of Australian – maybe the best in the world! 

This unmissable audio suite will host Duntech's flagship Sovereign loudspeakers – acknowledged by experts as the finest in the world, certainly the most accurate, a seven driver system with the drivers symmetrically arranged on a vertical axis and time aligned. 

The power comes from Halcro's very latest reference amplification, a triumph of form and function, unique in its imagination of what an amplifier is and how to puh the boundaries of technology. 

The third Aussie legend is analogue playback courtesy of a Döhman Helix turntable, engineered to deliver unparalleled performance in analogue playback and is the result of many years of research, development, collaboration and listening by internationally acclaimed analogue designer Mark Döhmann and his team.

It's an Australian supersystem not to be missed!

Hi-Fi Show

Horn speakers by Avantgarde Acoustics (Image credit: Leica, Future)

Leica, Piega, Avantgarde, Innuos, Fezz
Leica's Cine 1 Cinema TV will be joined by a host of brands from MaxMedia, including speakers from Avantgarde Acoustics and Piega, plus electronics from Fezz, Innuos and many more.

Hi-Fi Show

A suite of Microphase Audio Design's dinky loudspeakers (Image credit: Microphase)

Microphase Audio Design
"Crafted in Australia with French flair, our core design forte is in small speakers crafted to sound incredibly good on their own and have a reputation to have one of the best midrange in the World. They reproduce instruments timbres with accuracy and speed, thanks to their very inert marine grade birch plywood cabinet and bespoke drivers mostly sourced from famous French manufacturer Audax.

"You can augment their bass response by choosing one of our subwoofers, carefully designed to match the satellites in sound performance and looks.

"Finally, one can build a very coherent home theatre system by using 4 satellites, our centre channel and subwoofer(s)."

Kaya S12

Vivid Audio's Kaya S12 (Image credit: Avation/JF)

Avation presents Vivid Audio
Vivid by name - Vivid by Nature

Vivid Audio loudspeakers are created for a single purpose: to bring you perfectly transparent, natural sound, free from colour, resonance and reflection. Which means you get to enjoy the music you love in a whole new way: exactly as it was written, performed and intended to be heard." The company also says that almost every part of each of its models is unique and not found in any other loudspeaker. 

The brand has models from three ranges auditioning at the Australian Hi-Fi Show 2024, so come along and listen for yourself.

Top-sounding rooms from the 2023 Show!

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