Audio Analogue launches £1599 AAphono preamp

In 2016, Audio Analogue marked its 20th birthday with anniversary editions of its Puccini and Maestro integrated amplifiers, the former of which we handed a four-star verdict for its insightful and refined (albeit somewhat restrained) performance.

Drawing on the development of those anniversary amps but focusing more on features, the company has launched the PureAA line of products. The first was the AAcento integrated amp, and now we have the tongue-twisting AAphono phono-stage preamplifier.

The AAphono is configurable for both MM and MC cartridges - and is complete with capacitance and resistance settings for the former, and gain and loading adjustments for the latter.

Under the hood are three separate toroidal transformers: two for each of the stereo channels and a third (designed to keep the audio signal as intact as possible) supplying the control circuitry.

The amplification is split between two separate gain stages with a subsonic filter between them - it's designed to prevent low frequency fluctuation overloading the final gain stage. And following that is a dedicated circuit designed to stop unwanted direct current from reaching your integrated or power amplifier.

The AAphono is available now in black or silver, priced £1599.


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