Audeara headphones aim to deliver "perfect" sound

Making the perfect pair of headphones is a noble aim - after all, in philosophical terms perfection is immutable. Once achieved, it's by definition perfect and cannot be improved upon.

People, however, change - and a person's hearing, specifically, can change throughout their life. As such, the perfect pair of headphones needs to adapt to a change in hearing - and that's what Audeara is aiming with its Kickstarter.

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Image via Audeara

Image via Audeara

So how does they work? Well, when you first put on the company's A-01 headphones you take a hearing test through the Audeara app, the results of which are stored locally on the headphones.

The threshold test begins by emitting a low frequency beep, and you adjust the volume so the headphones can record the quietest sound you can hear across a range of frequencies up to 20,000Hz.

According to the company, the headphones then use your hearing profile to adjust the sound signal, specific to each ear, as it is delivered to create the "perfect balance". You can also store multiple user profiles in the headphones, so they can be shared with others.

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In terms of hardware, the A-01 headphones have two 40mm mylar speakers, a built-in microphone and active noise-cancellation. When streaming through Bluetooth with noise-cancellation switched on, Audeara claims the headphones will last for a maximum of 12 hours - switch off the noise-cancellation and that figure rises to 15 hours.

If you want to get your hands on these headphones, pledging AU$250 (approximately £155) should see them shipped by July 2017. As always, though, we would err on the side of caution whenever putting money behind a crowdfunder.

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