Is an Apple Music Classical app launch imminent?

Are we getting closer to an Apple Music Classical app launch in 2022?
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The long-rumoured Apple Classical music app could be tuning up for an October launch (via MacRumours).

References to Apple Music Classical have once again appeared in the company's backend code, which would seem to suggest that the Cuperinto giant is preparing to strike up the band.

Apple Classical is said to be a standalone app based on the now-defunct Primephonic streaming service which Apple purchased back in August 2021.

The evidence has been piling up fast lately. Mentions of 'Apple Classical' were previously clocked in the beta version of iOS 15.5, and talk of 'Apple Classical' was spotted in a recent Android version of Apple Music.

Indeed, Apple itself has confirmed that it intends to "deliver a dedicated classical experience that will truly be the best in the world". This "dedicated classical music app" will use Primephonic's user interface and launch in 2022.

If you didn't have the pleasure of trialling Netherlands-based Primephonic, it was considered the world's largest specialist library of classical music (we rated it four stars out of five). It boasted over 3.5 million classical tracks from 170,000 artists across almost 230,000 albums and 2400 labels.

So, how long before you can download Apple Classical? Well, Apple is rumoured to be announcing a new iPad (2022) and new iPad Pro (2022) in October so Apple Classical could make its global debut around that time too...

It will be interesting to see how the new app differs from Apple Music's own classical offering, which already offers hundreds of thousands of classical albums in lossless and high-resolution audio, as well as hundreds of classical albums in Apple spatial audio.


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