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Depending who you listen to, Apple may or may not be about to launch an Ultra HD TV...

Rumours of Apple making its own TVs have been doing the rounds for (almost) longer than we can remember. In 2013, reports suggested the Cupertino giant would be launching a TV in Q4 2014, for example. Needless to say, these screens never appeared, with the only TV we've seen in the past year or two being the Apple TV streaming box.

However, fresh speculation has arisen from an open letter to Tim Cook by billionaire businessman and Apple investor, Carl Icahn. Icahn seems fairly convinced that an Apple set is just around the corner (sounds familiar).

Icahn claims: "The company's aggressive increases in R&D spending (and some of the more well-supported rumours) have bolstered our confidence that Apple will enter two new product categories: television and cars."

The suggestions in the open letter read more like hope than fact, especially if you choose instead to believe the source who recently spoke to the Wall Street Journal...

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According to the mystery source, any plans for an Apple TV, Ultra HD or otherwise, were shelved indefinitely over a year ago.

The source claims that a small group had been assigned the task of developing a bona fide Apple television, but the group was broken up some time ago, with manpower and investment being moved onto other projects.

What do you think? Could Apple make a dent (or a profit), in a highly competitive sector where even established brands such as Panasonic and Sony are struggling? Let us know in the comments below...

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[via Wall Street Journal]


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So you have just managed to

So you have just managed to write an artical about Apple with hear say and speculation and make it sound like you knew something, why do you continue to copy info of other websites.

This page could of been something interesting like a review and not a page of gossip

Yes i'm interested in the next gen Apple TV but i guess we will have to wait and see until June.