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Apple HomePod update brings phone calls and Siri Shortcuts

A free software update is coming for the Apple HomePod that will bring a smattering of useful new features around Siri voice control.

As well as asking Siri to play a certain song, you can now search by song lyrics. "Play the song that goes...", is the example Apple uses. The depth of Siri's song knowledge remains to be seen. 

Siri Shortcuts will meanwhile deliver multiple functions from one voice command, learning to trigger a series of tasks from a single command.

HomePod can now make and receive calls, too, routing calls from your iPhone or responding to a command to ring someone in your contacts.

Other new features  are the ability to set multiple timers and the addition of Find My iPhone on HomePod, allowing you to locate any iOS device within earshot of your Apple speaker. You'll be able to download the update on Monday 17th September.


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