Android TV updates home screen for Freeview Play viewers

Android TV updates home screen for Freeview Play viewers
(Image credit: Android TV)

Android TV has rolled out a home screen update for Freeview Play designed to make it easier for viewers to explore content relevant to their tastes.

Users will now have access to a new ‘Discover’ tab that offers personalised suggestions based on viewing history, interests and Google trends. A forthcoming update will add recommendations from the 30,000 hours of on-demand content on Freeview Play. 

Additionally, the main interface's  ‘On Now’ row has been simplified to give clearer programme information with a new tile providing quick access to the live TV guide. 

To make it easy for viewers to watch Freeview Play's on-demand programmes, content rows have been updated with player tiles that will link viewers straight to the app they are interested in.  

Previously the integration of Android TV and Freeview Play hasn't always made for the easiest of combinations, resulting in an interface that felt convoluted. Speaking about the changes Ed Corn, Head of Android TV Partnerships, said: “People in Britain cherish a helpful and smart TV experience. 

"We are glad that through our work with Freeview Play, more UK viewers will profit from an updated Android TV experience that makes it easy for them to find and watch their favourite shows.”


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