An iPad with an OLED screen could finally launch in 2024

OLED iPad could launch in 2024, sources say
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An Apple iPad with an OLED screen could launch in 2024, according to Korean IT site TheElec. Samsung's display arm is prepping the panels, sources tell the site, with an order planned to ship next year ahead of a consumer launch of an OLED-toting iPad in 2024.

However, the deal is far from done. Apple would need to place a big enough order to make the project financially viable for Samsung and hence for it to proceed. And the two have previous when it comes to deals falling through.

According to TheElec, Apple and Samsung were working on a 10.86-inch OLED panel last year, but the project was shelved in the third quarter because it proved too expensive for Samsung.

Should Apple place a big enough order, Samsung Display could finalise its spending plans and order the equipment needed to manufacture the OLED panels. Samsung is working to expand its Gen 8.5 IT OLED panels, the report says, but can't do so without new equipment.

OLED screens – as seen in some of the best TVs around – offer superb contrast ratios and 'true' black levels. So far, Apple has only used OLED screens in its phones, such as the iPhone 13 Pro Max, and Apple Watch devices, due to the higher costs associated with the technology.

Last year, it launched its first iPad with a Mini LED display (the iPad Pro 12.9). The 11-inch iPad Pro is rumoured to follow suit this year with a Mini LED screen of its own.


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  • What Hi-Fi? said:
    An iPad with an OLED screen is still a possibility, but not for a couple of years yet, according to sources.

    An iPad with an OLED screen could finally launch in 2024 : Read more
    I don’t feel the need for an iPad OLED, when I compare my iPads to my OLED TV it’s already just as good.