Amazon has joined Netflix in adding 4K Ultra HD video to its online streaming service. Prime Instant Video now has films and TV shows available in 4K.

Updated 19.12.14

Initially the 4K service was only available in the US, but now it's available on compatible TVs in the UK too. One of our readers alerted us to the fact that he's just seen Amazon Instant Prime 4K appear on his Sony smart TV. Amazon has confirmed that the first 4K films and shows will start appearing on Instant Prime from today, December 19th.

If you are an Amazon Instant Prime customer, some of the content will be free, although that content is relatively limited for now, with original series such as Alpha House and Transparent.

In addition, subscribers can download some recent Sony films in 4K from £15 each such as Godzilla, Moneyball, Elysium and After Earth.

“We’re excited that Ultra HD is the latest benefit of the Amazon Prime membership, giving members instant access to great movies and TV shows in a premium picture resolution at no additional cost,” says Jay Marine, vice president of Amazon Digital Video EU.

Amazon is the latest company to jump on to the 4K bandwagon, adding a selection of 4K Ultra HD films and TV shows, available to buy or rent. Add the Instant Video app to your compatible 4K TV and you'll get access to Amazon's 4K content.

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Compatible TVs, according to Amazon, seem to come from LG, Samsung and Sony.

Having bought LoveFilm, Amazon re-branded the streaming service and combined it with the Prime delivery service. Now, for £79, you can get all the perks of Amazon Prime and the Prime Instant Video service.

Don't fancy that? You can also opt to subscribe to the Prime Instant Video streaming service on a monthly subscription.

Amazon originally launched its 4K content in the US, promising TV and films including American Hustle, Captain Philips, Moneyball and more in 4K.

Read more about the news on the Amazon 4K page.

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Not in the UK then, (sigh) i

Not in the UK then, (sigh) i was just about to get all excited.

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Indeed, why not make that

Indeed, why not make that clear in the headline, save the bother of clicking and reading?

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Story updated

Amazon Instant Prime 4K now available in the UK.