Alexa voice control on Sonos comes one step closer

It's been almost a year since Sonos announced that Amazon's Alexa voice assistant would be coming to Sonos speakers in 2017, and with the terms in place for voice control from next week, it looks as if the wait could soon be over.​

The relevant details can be found in new privacy statement, soon-to-be published on the official Sonos blog.

It essentially highlights the fact that "Sonos does not keep recordings of your voice data", and that it would cover other voice partners that come to the platform in the future. Sonos has already said it plans to support other AI assistants too, promising to build an "agnostic voice platform that works with the best voice assistants out there".

Sonos, of course, won't have the first wireless speakers to support Alexa. Amazon's Echo, Tap and Dot, are all compatible with the virtual assistant, as is Lenovo's Harman Kardon-powered speaker. Just yesterday, Ultimate Ears announced its Boom 2 and Megaboom speakers are set to receive an Alexa update too.


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