Alba and Bush brands set for relaunch by Argos

The Home Retail Group (of Argos and Homebase fame) will release a whole new range of Alba and Bush products designed to attract a new audience.

The Bush brand will be divided into two lines: Bush and Bush Classic.

The Bush range will have cut-price takes on the latest tech. This includes a 55in smart TV for £550, and a 58in 4K Ultra HD TV for £800. On the audio front, all-in-one micro systems begin at £40. Other products in the Bush range include a 10in 32GB Windows tablet and keyboard (£170), and a SIM-free 4G Windows phone (£60).

Meanwhile, the Bush Classic brand will go for nostalgia. Expect retro styled products like 50s-style FM radios and refrigerators.

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As for Alba, things have changed since it came along 98 years ago. Now it’s being aimed at a younger crowd.

Its new range will include brightly coloured TV/DVD combos (24in, full HD, £140), rubber-clad 7in tablets (£60) and keyring-sized portable Bluetooth speakers (£15)

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Both brands have freshly redesigned logos and packaging.

The new Alba and Bush products will be available from Argos this Saturday 18th July. Nobody mention that £450 Bush 4K TV...

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