A new premium OLED TV brand is on its way to Europe

A new premium OLED TV brand is on its way to Europe
(Image credit: Konka)

A new maker of high-end OLED TVs is coming to Europe. Chinese brand Konka is bringing its TVs to these shores to compete with the likes of Sony, Panasonic, LG, Philips, Samsung and the other makers of the best OLED TVs around.

Konka is launching 55- and 65-inch OLED TVs in Europe. It has partnered with an unnamed OEM (original equipment manufacturer).

Chinese brands have flooded the smartphone market in recent years, offering high-end specs at very competitive prices. But Konka is taking a different approach. It claims it has "no desire to compete on price with competitors", which would suggest its TVs will be priced similarly to those made by household names.

It might be a relative unknown in Europe, but Konka is a big player in its native China. As well as making TVs, its parent company (the Konka Group) manufactures digital signage, refrigerators and other kitchen appliances.

Its 812 Series TV (pictured) uses an OLED screen manufactured by LG Display.

There are no details on where in Europe Konka's OLED TVs will be sold, nor how much they will cost. But with the big guns such as LG and Samsung unveiling their new TVs at CES this week, Konka will have a fight on its hands if it wants to establish a toehold in the premium TV market.


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