QD-OLED TVs set to hit 77 inches and over 2000 nits brightness

QD-OLED TVs set to hit 77 inches and over 2000 nits brightness
(Image credit: Samsung Display)

QD-OLED TVs are about to get bigger and brighter. Samsung Display – which supplies QD-OLED panels to both Samsung Electronics and Sony – has confirmed a new 77-inch model for its 2023 range that's capable of over 2000 nits brightness, FlatpanelsHD reports.

The firm announced a 77-inch model in September, but there was no mention of peak brightness. No company has yet launched a 77-inch QD-OLED TV, with 65 inches being the biggest size so far available. 

This greater brightness is the result of a new "OLED HyperEfficient EL material". This relates to the blue emitting layer of QD-OLED, improving the colour brightness of each RGB pixel. RGB light that passes through the QD colour conversion layer should be much brighter and colours clearer, according to Samsung Display.

Previous QD-OLED TVs have boasted 1500-nit panels, though in real-world testing they haven't quite reached that figure. If these new QD-OLED models can reach 2000 nits, they would rival LG's new G3, which should apparently be capable of a similar figure. The battle for 2023's brightest TV is well and truly on!

The Samsung Display QD-OLED panel should also use 25 per cent less energy than its predecessor. We'll bring you details of any 77-inch QD-OLED TVs unveiled at CES this week – keep an eye on our CES hub.


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