LG's new G3 OLED TV apparently uses Micro Lens Array tech to hit a super-bright 2000 nits

(Image credit: LG)

Seemingly unable to wait for its own CES press conference on Wednesday, LG has gone ahead and announced its OLED TV range for 2023. As expected, there are new A3, B3, C3, G3 and Z3 models to replace 2022's A2, B2, C2, G2 and Z2.

The A3, B3 and C3 seem, on paper at least, to be fairly similar to the models they replace (we'll be publishing a full range breakdown very soon), but the G3 looks to be a pretty massive step forward for OLED TVs in general.

LG claims that the new G3 is capable of going 70% brighter than 'traditional' OLEDs such as the B3 which, we believe, is roughly equivalent to 2021's C1. Unfortunately, LG won't provide the more useful brightness comparison between the G3 and last year's G2, but both Forbes and FlatpanelsHD state that the new G3 could be capable of hitting a peak brightness figure north of 2000nits in its Vivid picture mode.

Even the more conservative 1500-nit figure that you're more likely to be able to regularly take advantage of would be a huge improvement on last year's G2, which has been measured running at around 1000nits in similar circumstances.

So how has LG achieved this? Again, LG won't say, but according to Forbes, it's thanks to new Micro Lens Array (MLA) technology. As the name suggests MLA features a layer of tiny lenses that better focus the light from the panel's OLEDs, resulting in a brighter picture for the viewer.

Will the boost in brightness really be as large in the real world as it appears to be on paper? And will there be any downsides if it is? We'll have to wait until we can get a sample into our test labs before we can be sure, but one bit of good news is that rumours suggest that the G3 isn't going to be significantly more expensive than the G2 was at launch. Confirmation of that as soon as we have it, and stay tuned for more info on LG's complete 2023 TV range.


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