7 of the best Apple accessories

So if you're after a gift idea for an Apple addict, whether it's a charging station for multiple iOS-powered devices or a portable battery pack for when you need an extra bit of juice on the go, this is the round-up for you.

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Griffin Powerdock 5

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If you've got several iOS-powered devices in your house - iPhone, iPod or iPad - then the Griffin Powerdock 5 is described as the ultimate charging solution. You can plug in up to five devices (it works with most Kindle and Android devices too), with each device given its own charging bay and support.

Gramophone for iPhone


The Gramophone for iPhone is an acoustic speaker that takes the sound from your iPhone's speaker, channels it through the acoustic chamber in the base and out through the horn. Each product is handmade in London and made from an authentic vintage horn speaker. More details here.

Twelve South HiRise Stand


The HiRise Stand is a simple iPhone dock. The styling complements the brushed-aluminium finish of the latest generation of Apple devices, and it lets you make hands-free phone and FaceTime calls. Due to its higher docking position, speakers are left uncovered, which should help deliver a decent sound. After something more substantial? Check out our the best iOS docks we've reviewed. More details on the HiRise Stand here.

Anker Astro Pro2 battery pack

This Anker portable battery pack has a 20,000mAh capacity, which the manufacturer claims can charge most smartphones up to nine times over. It even claims to be able to fully charge a laptop. And there's two outputs, which so you charge two devices at the same time.

Buy at Amazon for £60

Elgato EyeTV


The EyeTV is a Freeview receiver that lets you watch live TV on your iOS device. It can be placed up to 10 metres from the device you want to use, with TV signals sent via its own wi-fi hotspot. It could come in handy with the busy Christmas TV schedules on the horizon.

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Amazon Prime Instant Video

Four stars

Tested at £6

Amazon Prime Instant Video comes in many different guises. You can subscribe to Amazon's Prime service and get unlimited streaming of a wide range of content, or you can use Instant Video and rent and buy films and TV shows, paying just for the content you want. So if you're familiar to the iTunes model but want to dip your toe in to the streaming world, it's a good bet.

Films and TV shows are offered in up to 1080p quality with Dolby HD coding, so you can rest assured you'll have a fully immersive experience when watching on your iPhone. And 4K is being added too, though you'll need to switch to your 4K TV for that...

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